Nina Weilbächer

The Hatestrument

Interactive Installations

Role: Director

Hatestrument is a collaborative, room-sized instrument aimed at transforming negativity into positivity through music. Visitors engage with hate messages sourced from the internet, using them as raw material to create something uplifting together.

The objective is to orchestrate the hate message words in the correct sequence, weaving them into a new musical narrative. As the creator and guiding force behind this innovative installation, I led a dedicated team through three months of development, serving as both director and game designer.

At the heart of Hatestrument lies a circular sequencer projected onto the ground, enabling participants to trigger individual words from the hate messages as they step on designated spots. These words become integral components of the evolving musical composition. Surrounding the space are numerous transparent screens, visually showcasing the words being played by participants in real-time.


Director: Nina Weilbächer, Producer: Adrian Steuer Technical Director: Erica Esserman, Timo Müssig, Composer: Patrick Kuhn Botelho, Set Design: Elina Eskelinen, Cinematography: Franziska Kabutke, Lighting: Sebastian Ganschow, Editing: Andreas Bothe, Developed in Touch Designer