Role: Game Director, UI/UX Design

Fish or Chips is a frantic co-op party game for 2 players. At Deep Fryton Beach, a hungry flock of chips-addicted seagulls suffers because the humans are in lockdown. You and your friend play two seagulls who need to save their babies from starvation!

You have to collect chips and fish to feed the crying babies before the time runs out. Of course, chips are hard to find and fish are hard to catch. Work together to save the seagull population!


The world of Fish or Chips comes alive through two mediums: an engaging Instagram profile featuring the adventures of seagulls Maude and Sully in their quest for chips, and a complementary co-op game that allows players to experience the perspective of these iconic birds. As the game director, my role encompassed ensuring cohesion between the game’s vision and the Instagram films, expertly directed by Julia Skala, while collaborating closely with our game developer, Justus Henne, to craft engaging co-op mechanics. Effective communication lies at the heart of gameplay; without it, the hungry baby seagulls won’t be fed their fish and chips. To complement the seagulls’ culinary dreams, we transformed the entire pier into a fast-food-themed haven. This project taught me invaluable skills in balancing a co-op game, facilitating communication between film and game teams, all while maintaining a shared vision and pipeline.


Film Director: Julia Skala, Game Director: Nina Weilbächer, Producer: Adrian Steuer, Cinematography: Niklas Wolff, Animation Lead: Vanessa Schneider, Game TD & Tech Art: Justus Henne, Pipeline TD: Paul Golter, Editing: Jan Wollenschläger, Art Direction: Niklas Wolff, Julia Skala, Matte Painting: Alexia Mokry, Sounddesign: Julian Berg, Bjarne Taurnier, Composer: Kilian Oser, Additional Modeling & Animation: Benjamin Gätzschmann, UI-Design: Nina Weilbaecher, Anna Moessnang

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