Nina Weilbächer

Neon Nature

Interactive Installation

Role: Director

An abandoned building was transformed into a dimly lit forest for the interactive light installation Neon Nature, utilizing only plastic waste. Demonstrating the impact of plastic pollution on the environment, the illuminated trees were engineered to gradually dim as visitors approached. The radiant neon forest showcased its brilliance from afar as spectators observed from the outside. However, upon entering, the trees would change color and extinguish, accompanied by the sounds of birds and winds reacting to the presence of people, illustrating the potential harm caused.

Over a span of 6 months, I coordinated a team of 6 people to construct this installation. My responsibilities, from conceptualization to execution, included designing the interaction, as well as overseeing project management for development and the exhibition opening.


Director: Nina Weilbächer, Technical Director: Malte Hartleb, Media Artists: Nina Mielitz, Tim Pfaff, Thomas Reitenbach, Yannick Ebling, Supported by: PENG Mainz, Meinhardt Städtereinigung, Lang AG, EET Veranstaltungstechnik & Hochschule Mainz, Developed in VVVV, Infrared tracking technology: RadarTouch by Lang AG