Nina Weilbächer

The Artificial Deity Project

UI Design

Role: UI / UX Design

Follow Lev, an undead soldier, as he quests for a cure to his condition, facing the disturbing possibility that it may be beyond reach.

I was deeply engaged in the UI/UX process from very early on. I started designing the dialogue boxes, as storytelling is central to the game. For the initial style frames, I took the background and character art and added simple design elements to it. Simultaneously, I crafted the user experience for the game’s interface. I used flow charts and interactive prototypes to communicate my vision.

I tailored diverse dialogue screens to suit the scene requirements, while also overseeing the design of the main menu, pause screen, loading screen, and settings. Additionally, I enriched the user experience with animated icons that intuitively guide players through the game.


Director: Franziska van Wulfen & Hazel Jankowski, Procucer: Saskia Stirn, Technical Director: Justus Henne, Background Art: Lukas Wind, UI Design: Nina Weilbächer, Sounddesign: Daniel Kling