Role: Art Director & UI/UX Design

The game unfolds in a dystopian world, ravaged by the deadly Miasma, a toxic gas-like substance that blankets the entire globe. Embark on a platforming adventure where intricate movement mechanics encourage mastery and player expression through skillful combinations.

I joined the team during the early stages of development to lead the Art Direction, with a focus on crafting the User Interface (UI) and enhancing the User Experience (UX). Collaborating closely with Alex Kuhn on the art style, I meticulously designed menus, dialogue boxes, and selected fonts. My approach prioritizes conveying the ethereal essence of the world, allowing the vibrant colors of the game art to take center stage.

To get a good feel for the design, I start out by using early concept art in the background. Initially, I create wireframes in black and white, allowing me to focus solely on the essential elements of the interface. This stage is crucial for determining what components are necessary.

Subsequently, I delve into exploring levels of detail and overall style to align seamlessly with the game’s aesthetic. Once we reach a suitable design, I implement these concepts across all screens, ensuring cohesion throughout.

For optimizing user experience, I use flow charts to map out the user journey from screen to screen. Defining what actions are possible and how to discover them are central considerations during the wireframing phase. To validate the envisioned user journey, I develop a clickable prototype based on the wireframes and conduct user testing with diverse participants.