In 2021, I completed a full-time semester at the Danish National Academy of Interactive Entertainment in Copenhagen. I participated in a special program focussing on game directing. Together with my producer, we managed a team of 19 students from different educations and developed 3 games throughout the semester. We developed our first Mini Game within the first 7 days of the program and learned a lot about our processes. For the second round, we only had 10 days to recreate the same game, but with more elevated design and programming. Our work improved quickly, so we confidently developed our Graduation Game Carnivalien over the course of 6 weeks. In between those game productions, each of our team members, myself included, participated in special training and workshops for their competence.
At DADIU, I learned a lot about game development and design, as well as communication and conflict management. I've had two mentors and many industry professionals, teaching me the process of game development and finding my personal style as a director. I'm looking forward to utilizing my communication and team leading skills in future projects.
For more information on DADIU, don't hesitate to visit their website and check out our Graduation Game Carnivalien.
Alex Nygaard Andersen — Artist
Alexander Severin Hou Borgert —Programmer
Samuel Chaput — Programmer
Simon Dannevang — QA&UR
Minoo Farazdaghi — Artist
Lani Feldstedt — Game & Level Design
Josefine Gebuhr Rasch — Artist
Christopher Herup — Artist
Emil Isenbecker — Programmer
Andreas Johnsen — Programmer
Mathias Loose — Composer
Camille Pamperin — Artist
Rasmus Ravn — Audio Designer
Oliver Schümann — Artist
Mads Strømberg Petersen — Game & Level Design
Sejr Thomsen — Artist
Marie Falk Vinther — Producer
Nina Weilbächer — Director