Role: Director, Screen Writer

Fortune Cookie tells the story of a lonely cookie who has to break himself into pieces on his pursuit of happiness. I wrote the story and directed it while animating full-time. The film was awarded the Short Tiger Award 2020 and was therefore shown at festivals and cinemas all over the world such as Festival de Cannes in France, Festival de Cine Alemán in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and German Currants Film Festival in Los Angeles, USA.

The film was developed within a condensed timeframe of just two months, from first idea to completion. Operating within a tight deadline, we leveraged the first version of Blender’s Eevee render engine to optimize rendering efficiency. Through this project, my first venture into animation filmmaking, I gained valuable insights into crafting narratives within concise formats and making the most of limited resources available.


Director: Nina Weilbächer, Producer: Adrian Steuer, Cinematography: Hendrik Ströhle, Technical Lead: Tom Tolle, Composer: Julian Ferreira da Silva, Animation Lead: Harald Dieterichs, © Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg